Aero FS Secure File Syncing

Cloud computing continues to be a hot topic for our customer. And with the introduction of Daylite Cloud things have got more exciting. We thought we'd write a little blog piece in the topic to, hopefully bring some clarity to the issue.

About 6 months ago we had a topic in our newsletter about a great product called aero-fs. This product offers to provide similar functionality to DropBox and but where the files don't leave your own IT server.

This is a important and attractive proposition for many businesses that have concerns over 'cloud' services and or have compliance requirements that do not allow the use of Dropbox or such services.

Aero-fs is quite different and fits very nicely with Daylite as both are de-centralised data storage models. What does this mean? Well in short, it means that your business Data does not reside on a single server in a single place.

As a fully meshed system - all on Macs that you control - there are no single points of failure. You can set up as many Aero Storage areas as you need... lets think about this for a minute.

Set up a storage area on your office server, set one up at home, set one up at a remote office, put one in a data centre... The intelligent sync agent will sync to the close device... which could be your colleagues Mac next to you. Files DO NOT go out to the Internet and back down every time you add a file. You can get up to 90mb /sec over your gigabit LAN!

Aero FS can work well with Daylite for file attachments and even archiving. Please talk to us if you Daylite system is a bit bloated and needs some TLC.

Some interesting reading for you:

Here are a few documents to read that might help you come to better decisions about using Cloud systems in your business. And how to control your data and security.

AeroFS 7-Risks PDF (download)

Employee-Handbook for Data Management (download)

Top IT Concerns about consumer cloud sync (download)

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