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Our Mac Support

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New Mac setup and data transfer

If you have purchased a new Mac we can set it up, migrate your data, ensure your iCloud account is setup correctly, move you music and photo's over and ensure all your precious images and files are backed up as Apple recommend.

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Are all your Apple devices all working together

Confused about iCloud, AppleTV, Dropbox Google? Let us help you to streamline your Apple ecosystem and get all your devices working properly. This includes setting up family sharing and other iCloud services. Managing your children's usage and protecting your data.


Mac updates & upgrades

Have an older iMac or MacBook? We can provide upgrade services to give a new lease of life. Services include, Replacing old hard drives with state-of-the-art high performance SSDs. Replacing MacBook batteries, updating old operating systems to latest viable MacOS.

Upgrades can save you thousands of $$$$ 


Other Support Services

We can also help with many other Mac support issues fro spinning wheels of death to lost files and corrupt updates.

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Mac Support: Our Programs
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